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  • Unlimited mileages

  • *Unlimited battery swap

  • *Free maintance



  • Unlimited mileages

  • *Unlimited battery swap

  • *Free maintance



  • Unlimited mileages

  • *Unlimited battery swap

  • *Free maintance

Own a bike


*$2000 + $60/month

  • Unlimited mileages

  • *Unlimited battery swap

  • *Free maintance

  • *Life time battery warranty

*All prices are subject to tax and with the auto-renewal term

*All price plans are subject to a $150 refundable deposit, except for the Own a bike (RybitCare) plan

*Unlimted battery swap is $15/week before tax

*Free maintenance only covers normal wear and tear based on terms and conditions in Rybit User App

*Own a bike(RybitCare) life time battery warranty only eligible during RybitCare subscription

How does it work?
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Book a test ride

*You need a valid ID and debit/credit card to rent a bike

Asset 10@4x.png
Asset 2@4x.png

Rybit checks availability

and will contact you to schedule a test ride

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Asset 4@4x.png

Choose your Plan, Pay and Collect bike

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Asset 18@4x.png

Extend/ Return bike

You will need pay the deposit of $150 and first rental period when you collect the bike.

*Please remember to bring a photographic ID with you.

When the rental period ends, you can either extend your rental by making another payment, or return the bike to stop renting.

Trayser 2.0 electric bike 

We specifically designed our Trayser 2.0 electric bike with couriers in mind. It's unique design allows for a large removable battery with a capacity of over 1000wh - much larger than most other electric bikes available. This means you can work for longer on one charge, without wasting valuable time waiting for the battery to recharge.

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